Our Story

In the summer of 2013 we purchased our first home together, a 1916 bungalow. It was the perfect starter home for our soon to be family of three. Fun fact- we purchased the house from a flipper. It was a quick in and out job that really wasn’t that great. It lacked any real design so over the 3 years that we lived there we made some adjustments and added some extra pizazz to jazz it up. While it wasn’t in our original plans, we essentially flipped our flip purchase! And, that my friends is how Carter’s addiction began.

We purchased a second house in the same neighborhood, a 100 year old craftsman. After living there a year we remodeled the entire thing and flipped it. This also it wasn’t our original plan, but the market was hot and as the old saying goes, “You gotta strike while the iron’s hot.” This one sold in two days of being pre-listed on Zillow. Two days, two private showings, no MLS, no open houses and a full price offer. The addiction continued.

We purchased a THIRD house in our neighborhood. I mean, it’s a great neighborhood, guys! Like, super great. This one is a 50’s rambler that we are currently living in, but will soon do a big remodel and sell it too. Hopefully that will lead us to our 4th house in the hood’.  Did I mention it’s a great neighborhood? Fourth and final because Heather is tired of moving.

And just for funsies, we bought a third 100 year old house. I know by now you must be wondering, no it’s in our neighborhood. But it is less than a mile down the road. Location, Location, Location, people. This one, purely a flip.

So all of that brings us here. Over the years we’ve been asked a bunch of remodel related questions. We love helping our friends with any tips or idea’s for their own projects so we thought we’d bring those idea’s to all of you out there. Here we will share some of our previous projects within these homes, future projects, before and after photo’s, DIY idea’s for the home, and more! We hope you’ll check back often and follow along on our journey.